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Most businesses have one common goal: to reach a wider market and grow their business.

Many business owners think if they can reach more people, they can make more sales.

This isn't always true.

A lot of the time the problem lies with the business trying to do things out of order.

If you were to host a party at your house, you would [most likely] spruce up the place. Ensure the environment is welcoming. Make sure your guests have something to do. {i.e. food prepared, conversational seating arranged}

As a business owner, let's use that analogy in thinking about your website.

Let's first ensure your website is in tip-top shape and ready for guests. Is it mobile friendly? Is it easy to navigate? Does your messaging clearly state who you are and what you can offer them? Are there good visuals to draw them in? We live in a visual world, ya' know?

You are prepared to receive new guests, but what about your old, loyal ones who have been around for a while? Are you regularly engaging with them via email? They have been around for a while and are most likely big fans. Nurture them. Up-sell, cross-sell. But make sure each time you reach out to them, it's something valuable.

// I recommend using either MailChimp or ConvertKit as your ESP.

Will your site visitors receive a call to action? Do you have an opt-in that will help them solve a problem or entice them to purchase from you instead of your competitor? Once they have acted to your CTA [AKA you've captured their email], do you have a plan or email series in place to keep their attention? Your email engagement can not be a one time and forget it with your audience. Why? Because they will forget about you.

Let's get a solid email series in place [AKA a drip campaign] where you will be engaging with your audience. Nurturing them. Building relationships. Establishing your authority in your market. Building trust. And in the end ... making a sale.

By now, you've got an audience—regardless how small or how big—and it is continuing to grow. You've got your ducks in a row when it comes to how your visitors will be treated [the value they will receive from you], so now we can branch out and grow even more.

How? Social media channels, utilizing Facebook ads, affiliate programs, influencer campaigns--just to name a few.

If you've been spending money on marketing and advertising and not seeing a return, let's back up and perhaps spruce things up a bit at your home.

It's easy to know how awesome your product(s) or service is as the creator. [If you don't believe in it, you need to rethink why you are in business.] But the consumer? He/she may need some convincing. Or definitely an explanation. 

If you aren't 100% sold on your own product or service, why would you expect someone else to be?

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Let me help you see what you don't about your own site. I'll help you identify where your potential customers may be getting stuck and why they may be clicking away from your site. I'll also help you tweak a plan to have them stick around longer, choose to subscribe, engaging with you via email [AKA opening and clicking through your emails], and begin to buy. I don't want to see you toss money on the things that won't work for you. So let's start with your website--your home base.  


Apply below for your personalized site, email, and social media marketing assessment. This is the first step in working with Story Social Media. Once I  review your application, I will be in contact via email and give you an estimated project date. (Please note: I don't work with everyone—only people I know I can get results for.)

>> a video screencast that you can watch and rewatch anytime
>> a PDF list of top recommended actions, including the steps mentioned above

>> a 60 minute follow up phone call when you can ask any questions you like and brainstorm strategy



If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jenn at jenn@storysocial.media

investment: $797


Q. Will the outline of suggested suggestions be things I can do myself or will I need to outsource them?

A. The answer is dependent on your skill set. If you are accustomed to making changes on your site/store, working inside your email service provider, and managing your social media accounts, then yes. You should be able to implement most of the suggestions with minimal research. There may be more technical elements that you will need to outsource (to my team and me or your own) to accomplish on your behalf. Many of the tasks will be things I can help you with or train you how to do.

Q. How long will it take to get my assessment?

A. A Marketing Assessment typically takes 2-4 weeks to research your online properties and make an assessment. Then you can take as long as you like with the screencast videos and make the follow-up appointment at your convenience.

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